Meet our CEO (and future CEO)

Bill is a clinical virologist, focusing on molecular diagnostics, respiratory viruses and Hep B with nearly 200 publications.

He trained in medicine in South Africa and completed his PhD at Imperial College London, focusing on genetic variations of Hep B. Upon graduation Bill worked as a senior lecturer in the Institute for Virology in Glasgow for 10 years and then took the role of Head of the Regional Virus Lab in Glasgow where he oversaw the conversion of the laboratory from classical to molecular virology.

Bill founded Fast Track Diagnostics in 2006, with other stakeholders, and it has grown from one employee in one location to over 70 staff in four offices around the world. Bill became full time CEO in 2012.

Bill’s research background has ensured the company maintains an active interest in finding new areas in which to develop new assays, and as a result Fast Track Diagnostics is committed to providing the latest, high quality testing kits at economical prices.