Evaluation of FTD hCoV-EMC by the US Centers for Disease Control

Evaluation of FTD hCoV-EMC 

The recent emergence of MERS-CoV has lead the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to carry out a comparison study of three MERS-CoV rRT-PCR kits (one of which was FTD hCoV-EMC ) and the CDC reference assay.  A poster with the results can be downloaded from our website here or by clicking the link below.

In summary, (and as confirmed in follow-up correspondence between CDC and FTD), the FTD assay performed comparably with the CDC reference assay.

Whilst the FTD assay missed one clinical specimen this was only tested once, and had been freeze thawed a number of times. The missed specimen was detected with a Ct value between 37-41 cycles, which is outside the usual clinical range. The FTD screening assay successfully detected 5 of 6 replicates at 0.001 TCID50/ml and our confirmation assay detected 4 of 6 replicates at 0.001 TCID50/ml, this is clearly below the clinical range.

Our MERS assay is already in use in a number of countries in the Middle East. For more information on the FTD hCoV-EMC assay you can visit our website or contact us directly at info@fast-trackdiagnostics.com 


Poster - Evaluation of 3 Commercial Real-time RT-PCR Assays for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus