External assessments confirm the high quality and accuracy of Fast-track diagnostics kits


QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics) results have confirmed that Fast-track diagnostics infectious disease detection kits have successfully identified 97% of tested samples since 2012. The kits consistently score high levels of detection accuracy in assessments across a range of syndromic groups, reflecting Fast-track’s ongoing commitment to quality control in the development and manufacture of its products.

“We are dedicated to manufacturing high quality, reliable assays that are sensitive, specific and consistent,” said Dr Bill Carman, CEO of Fast-track diagnostics. “Participation in external quality assessments, like the programmes offered by QCMD, ensures that we meet our own high standards and we are delighted to have achieved such good results.”

QCMD programmes enable participants to benchmark their performance and monitor the quality of their molecular diagnostic technologies and routines. By purchasing sample panels designed to resemble clinically significant specimens and/or assess specific assay characteristics, Fast-track diagnostics assesses its assays and standard protocols against expected results and those achieved by other participants. In this way, customers can be sure that the kits they purchase from Fast-track diagnostics give true positives and true negatives. To download the full presentation showing the summary of Fast-track diagnostics’ QCMD results since 2012, simply click here.

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