Fast Track Diagnostics kits are now available on FastFinder


All Fast Track Diagnostics´ kits are now available on UgenTec´s FastFinder™, a fully automated real-time PCR interpretation platform. This module allows users to fully automate and standardise analysis of Fast Track Diagnostics´ kits with Applied Biosystems® 7500 and LightCycler® 480 PCR platforms. The software will be compatible with nearly all other clinical PCR machines by end of Q2 2018.

The combination of Fast Track Diagnostics' kits and FastFinder’s artificial intelligence considerably improves the processes within laboratories. The software is developed under ISO13485 standard and is CE IVD-certified.

“Fast Track Diagnostics strives constantly to deliver concrete and high quality solutions to healthcare specialists for the benefit of patients” said Bill Carman, Chief Executive Officer of Fast Track Diagnostics, “UgenTec´s knowledge on overcoming PCR interpretation challenges has brought the analysis time of FTD´s kits down to few minutes, bringing considerable efficiencies to the laboratory workflow.”

“Partnering with Fast Track Diagnostics will result in a strong increase in customer value” said Dr. Tom Martens, Managing Director at UgenTec “Their years of experience in manufacturing syndromic real-time PCR multiplexing kits combined with our IVD software knowledge will allow laboratories across the globe to decrease their eyes-on time drastically”


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