New FTlyo Enteric fever kit now available


Enteric fever, due to Salmonella, remains a significant public health problem predominantly in children in developing countries. Typhoid fever affects more than 20 million people per year and is associated with 300,000 deaths. These high rates are due to inappropriate treatment strategy but also to the lack of fast, reliable and inexpensive diagnostic assays. Diagnosis of typhoid remains also a challenge because low bacterial load can be found even in significant illness and the volume of blood that can be collected from children is limited.

To overcome this sensitivity issue, Fast Track Diagnostics developed the first ever unique complete solution on the molecular diagnostic market: from the sample collection and enrichment to the real-time PCR results, all components required are included for the efficient detection of enteric fever. 

The “FTlyo Enteric fever” kit includes blood collection tubes containing a proprietary Salmonella enrichment broth and ready to use multiplex PCR for detection of: Salmonella spp., Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi and Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi A. It includes an internal control.

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The innovation continues in that all the reagents required for the PCR experiment – primers, probes, enzymes and buffers – are lyophilised in single patient sample tubes. Clinicians only need to add nucleic acid extract to the ready to use tubes and start the PCR run. The whole detection process is reduced to eight hours including nucleic acid extraction, while, in most cases, it can take up to several days and, even then, results are not as sensitive. Both negatives and positives are confirmed within this timeframe – an early negative enables the clinician to consider other possible diagnoses in good time. Furthermore, the lyophilised format allows transport at room temperature avoiding the cold chain process and the degradation of reagents due to freeze/thaw. 


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