QCMD results: FTD kits for specific and reliable detection of pathogens


FTD regularly submits its assays to QCMD panels (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics) in order to have the clinical quality of routine assays and standard protocols assessed externally. Since 2012, FTD has tested 3754 QCMD samples covering 9 syndromic groups, and the performance of our assays is remarkable: 98.08% of samples tested (3682) have been successfully detected over the period of past 7 years.

QCMD is an independent organisation whose External Quality Assessment (EQA) programmes enable laboratories to benchmark, monitor and improve the quality of their molecular diagnostic technologies and routines. QCMD EQA programmes support laboratories from all around the world to meet their regulatory requirements as their reports and feedback allow participants to identify and resolve problems as well as monitor the effectiveness of their internal quality assurance processes.

FTD is committed to manufacturing reliable assays of high quality that are sensitive, specific and dependable. In accordance with our Quality policy, we meet and exceed our customers’ expectation for consistent and reliable products.


To view detailed QCMD results throughout the years, click here.


To read more about the reliability and certification of our kits, please visit the following pages: Reliability and Quality Certificates.