Diagnosis Management Communication - Malaria Vector Control

Description of the project: 

Fast Track Diagnostics is involved in the DMC-MALVEC (Diagnosis Management Communication - Malaria Vector Control) project supported by European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease causing more than 400,000 deaths in 2017 in sub-Saharan Africa. Prevention of the disease is best achieved by vector control which relies on the use of insecticides.

Using its vast experience in manufacturing of molecular diagnostics tests, FTD is contributing to the development of a fully integrated and automated diagnostic platform dedicated to medical entomology. The Anopheles LabDisk platform is a centrifugal microfluidic platform to be used in combination with a LabDisk player for monitoring of malaria vector population.

This single diagnostic test will detect over 30 different markers (1) to perform genotyping of Anopheles gambiae species, (2) to identify point mutations (e.g. kdr, Ace-1) and metabolic expression levels involved in insecticide resistance mechanisms and (3) to detect pathogens (e.g. Plasmodium sp., Wuchereria bancrofti) with a short time-to-result from sample insertion.

This sample-to-answer platform will be interfaced with a custom-made data management software (DDMS: Disease Data Management System) and a modern ICT platform that employs interactive ways of communicating guidelines and exemplifying good practices of successful insecticide resistance management use in the health sector (GAME). The integrated system (LabDisk, DDMS & GAME) will be implemented in four sub-Saharan African countries, highly representative of malaria settings and vector control problems, to support informed decision making about vector control and disease management. Furthermore, using its distribution network, FTD is a potential partner for the deployment to market of the DMC-MALVEC system.