Flexibility in more than one way

We have one of the largest choices of kits available on the market, as well as being designed to provide end users the greatest flexibility in terms of:

  • The flexible kit combinations possible - to suit the specific requirements of the laboratory


Example flexible kit combinations

We have one of the largest ranges of real-time PCR kits available for the rapid detection of infectious respiratory diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Several of these kits are large panels testing multiple pathogens. Moreover, we also supply a wide range of smaller add-on kits that can be used together in flexible combinations.

Add-on kits should only be used in combination with kits containing an internal control. The principle being that as long as a patient sample with internal control added has already been extracted and successfully used in a real-time PCR run, then that same extracted sample can be tested again using an add-on kit, which does not contain internal control.

For example, these kits supplied with internal control can be combined with these kits supplied without internal control...

4 examples of how some of our kits could be combined to diagnose patients with a range of respiratory presentations are shown below:

(Bacterial kits are in light orange, viral kits are in dark orange, and add-on kits are in grey).

Snip 5

Our Tropical Fever range of kits can also be used in flexible combinations for the purpose of mass sample screening and differentiation.