Changes to FTD Internal Controls


We have made our kits easier to use as the four Internal Controls (IC) used in our kits are now pooled together and supplied in one tube with all our kits.


The new 4-in-1 IC tube includes BMV, mCMV, EAV and S.equi and contains a higher volume than the previous single tubes. All 32 reaction kits will now be supplied with 1 x 128 ul IC and 64 reaction kits with 2 x 128 ul IC.


No changes have been made to the primers and probes, so no re-validation of the kits is required.


The new 4-in-1 IC has also enabled us to improve FTD Neuro 9, which will now detect two different IC’s – the AdV, CMV and EBV primer/probe mix will use mCMV as the IC, whilst the EV and PV primer/probe mix will use BMV. The new catalogue number for this kit is FTD-60.2.


Furthermore we optimised the FTD Flu primer/probe mix and this now uses EAV instead of BMV. The new catalogue number for this kit is FTD-21.1.


Inserts will be included in both these kits advising end-users of the changes and the amended Product Manuals are available to download here: