New Lyophilised range available to order

Infectious disease detection just got simpler!

Many of our existing kits are now available lyophilised, with all the PCR reagents ready to use in a one patient sample tube – just add nucleic acid extract!

The following kits are available in lyophilised format:

Fast Track lyophilised kits have been developed to make PCR set up even easier, to minimise errors, improve efficiency and save time:

  • Faster plate set up - leads to quicker results
  • Less liquid handling - minimises the possibility of cross contamination or pipetting errors and fewer pipette tips needed
  • PCR tubes included - please check our full compatibility list under the Resources menu
  • Transport at room temperature - no degradation due to freeze/thaw, less cost to transport
  • Robust - all assays are pre-packaged for guaranteed consistency
  • Complete flexibility of use - the size of each patient run is determined by the needs of the lab

Our lyophilsed range are all CE labelled and have the same protocol.

To place an order please contact request a quote here or contact the distributor in your country. The full list is available here.