Thank you for visiting our new website

Fast-track diagnostics launched a new website in March 2015, and thanks to you, we have had a fantastic outcome that made all the hard work worth it!

  •       The site was visited 10,105 more times ->35% increase
  •       New visitors increased by 5,247 people -> 32% increase
  •       76674 more pages were visited -> 63% increase

Where did this come from?

Organic searches from Google - as a result of making our website more visible on search engines through search engine optimisation and improved website content.

Increase in “direct traffic” -  as a result of our targeted  direct emails to prospect customers and current users, and the growing number of customers who have bookmarked our website.

Increase in “referrals” - from press articles, publications and traffic from the websites of our distribution partners.

Enhanced  “social media” activity - links from our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Come and see more…

Our website has a wealth of resources available including our publications section which has over 40 publications in which FTD kits were used.

To view the publications click here.

To view the resources area of the website click here.