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New 32 and 64 reaction kit sizes available from the 1st of March 2015

January 14, 2015 - Now even more flexible We have made our...
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New Ebola assay now available!

November 03, 2014 - Fast-track diagnostics have now developed a CE...
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Are you a

researcher? clinician? microbiologist?

Are you a researcher? We give you special rates

FTD is committed to helping research projects. There is no point in performing studies that may influence patient outcomes or changes in policy with inferior tests. If you have a research project that is externally funded by a recognised body (e.g by a national or international agency or a national charity), then we offer kits at a special discount. The order has to be accompanied by a copy of the grant award letter. The discount does not apply to internal (a local hospital, for example) grants. The kits will be supplied directly by FTD, you only have to organise the delivery and import/customs formalities.

Please be aware that if you wish to use one of our distributors, this will incur extra costs.

Are you a clinician or run a diagnostic lab? We give you solutions

As clinicians well know, patients usually present with a disease, and not a specific pathogen. Consequently, we believe that the preferred diagnostic approach should also be disease-based, rather than pathogen-based.

Multiplexing enables labs to consistently test for more and detect more in a cost-efficient manner. By delivering a broader range of results – both TRUE POSITIVIES AND TRUE NEGATIVES – our tests help to minimise clinical uncertainty.

We strive to provide laboratories with quality assays that offer value for money. For all customers, we offer technical help to advise on appropriate specimen types and testing approaches for specific clinical patterns. We are happy to discuss the design and validation of new assays as required.

Are you a microbiologist? – We give you a better way

Do you sometimes sit in front of an empty culture plate even if a clinician was sure the disease cause was bacterial? Are you considering, or have you already started implementing molecular test methods for your hard- to-grow bacteria? Do you want to save lab space and time? Do you want to quantify your results? If you are looking for an appropriate test, or even if you are just getting started with molecular biology in your lab, we are happy to assist you.