Technical support

Our kits are based on identical protocols and are easy to introduce into any busy laboratory routine, but we understand that getting a quick response to questions from technically qualified experts is important – particularly during the early stages of adoption.

Application Specialists from our international network of distribution partners are always on-hand to support you, or you can contact us directly at and one of our own team of Application Specialists will assist you.

Having a science focus means we can also work with our customers to expand our range of kits or modify existing assays to test for newly-emerging regional variants and strains. We are always happy to discuss the optimisation and validation of new assays for your particular needs and to advise on the set-up of new molecular diagnostics laboratories.

We can also supply discounted kits for trial purposes and we operate customer training workshops in collaboration with our partners around the world or at our premises in Luxembourg. 

We are confident that our tests will improve the quality of service that your laboratory can offer to clinicians.