FTD Respiratory 33 - product modification

The following modifications have been made to the FTD Resporatory 33 (FTD-2P) assay: 

1) The detection of H1N1 has been added to the primer/probe mix in tube no. 1. So, Flu A, Flu B, RV and H1N1 are now all detected by this primer/probe mix. 

2) The detection of CMV has been removed from the primer/probe mix in tube no 5. So, only HRSV A / B, HAdV, and EV / HPeV are now detected by this primer/probe mix.


The new product catalogue numbers are:

FTD-2P.1-32 (32 reaction size kit)

FTD-2P.1-64 (64 reaction size kit)


CE labeling is not affected. 


Updated Product Manual and Validation File are available here

An updated Modification List is available here


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